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Reprints of Old and Rare Historic Maps
Very Limited Stock - (numbers remaining shown in red).

The following maps are printed on A2 size paper with a parchment effect - at 10 each
The paper is suitable for outline colouring of the maps, using watercolours. 
The Jan Jansson map is ready coloured.

The images below are an indication only, the quality of the originals is much better.

Maps by Joan Blaeu and Jan Jansson

Joan or Johannes Blaeu's elegant maps were published in Volume IV of his Atlas Novus in 1645 and again in Volume V of his Atlas Major of 1662.  Ten years later, Blaeu's printing plates were destroyed by fire.  The maps measure 20 by 16 inches.  The inclusion of the heraldic shields of the chief nobility of each county made them a more attractive proposition for his target market for what was the most expensive book published in the 17th century.  Jansson's maps were first published in his  Atlas Novus in 1646. Later versions were published as separate maps by the publishers Schenk and Valk between 1683 and 1694 with bound editions in 1705 (Atlas Major) and 1715-25 (Atlas Anglois).  The maps measure 21 by 17 inches.


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Joan Blaeu, Cumberland (1) . . . . . . Joan Blaeu, Durham (1) . . . . . . Joan Blaeu, Westmorland (4)

Jan Jansson, Cumberland and Westmorland (3)

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