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Book - The Antique County Maps of Cumberland  by John Higham
This 128 page A4 softback book tells the story of the printed maps of Cumberland from the first published map of the county by Christopher Saxton in 1579 to the Ordnance Survey maps of the 1860s, with sections on later 19th century maps, road maps, town plans, etc. There are descriptions of some 150 different maps, over 130 of which are illustrated, making this an invaluable work of reference for the map collector as well as for anyone with a general interest in the history of the county of Cumberland. As most of the maps described were published for each English county, the book can also be used as a general reference book for other counties.
(plus 2.75 p & p if required)

E-Book - The Antique Maps of Cumberland and Westmorland
is now available as a full-colour e-book (expanded and updated to include Westmorland maps) and can be downloaded to your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.  It has over 350 'pages', pictures over 250 different maps and covers the work of about 90 mapmakers.  See below.
PRICE 1.95

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